The M3Y2K12 incident was a hidden event that occured behind the scenes of Safebox.

Background Info

The term M3Y2K12 comes from the event occurring in March of 2012 (Month 3, Year 2012). This event took place obliviously to the public. The actual events that occured at Safebox were as follows:

Date Event
3rd Safebox announce a Shadow of Israphel parody, this is the only time it's mentioned.
5th Safebox announce thier working on Project Nexus.
9th Safebox announce the cancellation of Project Nexus. They announce thier plans to release War of Nations by Easter (which they do not).
10th X lets out information on Project Chronos.
13th Safebox announce that they plan to continue the livestream with The Institute adventure map. They cancel due to server failure.
14th Safebox plan to livestream Team Fortress 2. X plans to update Safebox's Mod.
17th Hacker announces the arrival of a public Minecraft server. X states Safebox may get Blockland.
20th Safebox livestream Team Fortress 2, the footage only previews sound. X drops Safebox's Mod update to work on a construction game based on Minecraft & Blockland.
22nd X asks for help from the Safebox fans for graphics for his game.
24th Safebox announces the cancellation of Project Chronos & states that the fans will decide the next game to be made.
26th Safebox uploads thier first livestream in over a month.

Incident Conclusion

Essentially, the M3Y2K12 incident was when Safebox posted on Facebook but did not make any games or record livestreams. The incident officially ended on the 26th of March when they unloaded a livestream video on the Minecraft One More Block server.