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Most of us know about the well renowned Garry's Mod, a sandbox construction game in which the player can move, rotate & pose objects & NPC's at free will with almost limitless possibilities. Well I've taken it upon myself to make the 2D free version. Safebox's Mod, or SMod, uses maps, NPC's & objects from several games already on for construction use in the game. SMod uses Sky00Valentine's Decoration script & Event Tint script (requested by me) to allow for players to build & paint objects & NPC's in maps at ease.


The game takes place in the maps of several VX games that I have permission to mod. The list of games that I have been given permission to mod (under conditions or otherwise) are as follows:

If you want your game to be used in this project then PM me.



The help file for Safebox's Mod can be found here.


NPC's in SMod are RTP characters & characters from the VX community, if you have submitted your sprite to the Super Community Characters Club IV your sprite will likely be in this game. You can also change your character sprite to the any sprite on the list. NPC's can be rotated & coloured freely from a list of 139 tones. Depeneding on what games are modded, different NPC's are added to the list.


Objects within the game are the same principle as NPC's, some of them can be rotated & all of them can be recoloured. Some objects appear black & white when they are placed, these ones have been designed to be coloured unlike other ones. Depending on the games that are modded, different objects are added to the list.