Background Info

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Vital statistics
Title Safebox
Gender Unknown (presumed Female)
Race Artificial Intelligence
Faction Cyen
Health N/A
Status Active
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Current Location England, UK, Earth
Safebox is a supercomputer built by Cyen as a security system. It's intergrated into the building's systems allowing it easy access to locking systems, security cameras & interface terminals. Safebox has a playful "personality" & it often jokes with Steve. During Project Lightning Storm, Safebox denied Professor Evans access to the relay sequence to which Safebox & Steve had the following conversation

Safebox: "...I thought you might enjoy a challenge..."

Steve: "You really do know how to irritate me Safebox."

Safebox: " :D "


Safebox's gender is unknown although it's playful attitude would suggest that it's female. On the morning after Safebox was hacked, Steve was given a PDA to help him when tracking the hacker. The PDA is male & shown to flirt with Safebox which also suggests Safebox to be female.


  • Safebox


  • During Project Lightning Bolt, the relay sequence overloaded the output. Safebox redirected the output to an abandoned facility to control the output level. Making Safebox responsible for AALL's ability to freeze time.
  • Safebox is often seen flirting with Steve & the PDA, suggesting that Safebox is female.
  • Safebox is sentient but is not constrained by the three laws of robotics meaning it can hack into the government archives & take control of the world's power supply if it wanted to.