Safebox is the concept for a collective mind of several people involved in the Safebox Project.


The basic idea for Safebox came from merging The Matrix, The Animus from Assassin's Creed & the Hive Mind of the Borg from Star Trek. The actual name for Safebox comes from a toy safe the creator had years before.

Concept, Universe, PersonEdit

Safebox is many things including a person & a universe. Safebox was originally a concept idea then it expanded to become a persona. In Safebox's Mod, Safebox became a Universe as well with it's own laws of physics outside of ours.

Safebox (persona) was originally a small red creature based on the Grox from Spore (August 2011). In Safebox, it was shown that he only appears as a Grox in his own universe. In our universe, Safebox is a average-height human with long brown hair.


  • Safebox is a concept, a person & a universe.
  • Safebox is so popular it's even been searched on the App Store.
  • The first three Safebox games have all had "Safe" in it's name.