"Find out how it all began...the story of how Safebox came to be...and how a war for control is kept hidden from the public on a daily basis."

Safebox takes place in September 2011 following the events of the creation of the Safebox universe. The protagonist, Steve Gregg, returns from the Safebox universe to a place called Cyen (pronounced sigh-en) which is the facility responsible for the creation of the Safebox universe. Upon his return, the head of Cyen (John) tells Steve that they ae ready to proceed with the tests & questions what they're for. Steve has the ability to freeze time & that the tests are to allow him to freeze other people with him.

Steve proceeds to the test chamber, he is shocked with 5000 volts passing through him at once during which he freezes time to sustain damage. He then resumes time & goes to speak to Professor Evans. He then freezes Professor Evans in time with him to see if the test was a success, which it is. After reporting the results back to John, Steve is told to get some rest since he had only returned from the Safebox universe. The next day Steve gets a wake-up call from Safebox telling him that he's needed in the control room. Steve goes to the control room only to be told by John that someone attempted to hack Safebox the night before. Safebox says it doesn't know tried to hack it but it thinks it knows where the hacking came from.


Safebox takes place in September 2011 after the events of Safebox's Mod. Steve Gregg returns to Cyen on Earth in our universe (exact location is unknown).