Safebox's outlining skin (Feb 2012).
Vital statistics
Title Exile
Gender Male
Race Energy Being
Faction Nether Realm
Health 20
Status Alive
Home Location Nether
Current Location Eronev

Background Info

Safebox's actual background history is unknown, the story has been retold so many times that very little of it remains. All that is known of Safebox is his name & that he hails from the Nether. Many has seen Safebox but are unsure as to what his true form is. He usually appears as a robot, but some think he is a human in a suit. Others think he is an sentient entitiy such as a creeper or a pigman.


Safebox has the ability to take control of a player's soul. They are aware of what they're doing whilst under Safebox's control but are unable to interfere with it. Safebox can transfer thier soul to an Ender Pearl. He will then send this pearl to the Nether & thier soul will be released.

Safebox also has the ability to spawn objects at will & teleport players towards each other.



  1. Overworld
  2. The Nether
  3. Eronev