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Vital statistics
Title Safebox
Gender Unknown (presumed Female)
Race Artificial Intelligence
Faction Cyen
Health N/A
Status Active
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Current Location England, UK, Earth
Safebox is a supercomputer built by Cyen as a security system. It's intergrated into the building's systems allowing it easy access to locking systems, security cameras & interface terminals. Safebox has a playful "personality" & it often jokes with Steve. During Project Lightning Storm, Safebox denied Professor Evans access to the relay sequence to which Safebox & Steve had the following conversation

Safebox: "...I thought you might enjoy a challenge..."

Steve: "You really do know how to irritate me Safebox."

Safebox: " :D "



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Eronev Mansion Adventure
Season 1, Episode 2
Eronev Mansion Adventure
Air date 15 Feb 2012
Map created by Jigarbov
Recorded by Safebox
Cast & Crew
Main Characters Safebox, Ult1m4t3H4ck3r
Console Operators Safebox, X
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New Beginnings
Eronev Mansion Adventure pt 2