Steve Gregg
Face Full
Vital statistics
Title Professor Steven Anthony Gregg
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Cyen
Health 100
Status Active
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Current Location England, UK, Earth
Steve Gregg (full name: Steven Anthony Gregg) is the main character in the Safebox series. He is usually seen in a black jumper with blue trousers & long brown hair parted to one side. He is also seen as a small red Grox from Spore.

Background Info

Steve Gregg was born in England (time & place are unknown). He persued a career in science as a test subject for Cyen. His first experiment to participate in was Project Genesis, which would create a universe outside of ours (later known as the Safebox universe).

"...if this test is successful, you will have your own universe with it's own rules & principals..."

John summarising Steve on Project Genesis.

Steve's second experiment to participate in was Project Lightning Bolt, which would allow him to move at light speed. During the experiment, the relay sequence overloaded multiplying the output thousands of times. Safebox redirected the output to an abandoned facility and the end result was that Steve was given the ability to freeze time.

"Amazing, so you can freeze time whenever you want?"

John questioning Steve on his ability.

Steve's last experiment he participated in was Project Lightning Storm, which was a test to see if Steve could freeze others in time with him. The end result was that Steve was able to freeze Professor Evans in time with him. Professor Evans questioned if it would be possible to freeze Safebox in time with them to which Steve said that only electrical appliances with a portable power source could be frozen in time.

Alter Ego


Steve in his universe.

Steve participated in Project Genesis which was to attempt to create a universe outside of ours. The prject was successful & Steve was sent to investigate. Steve, being the first one in existance, wrote the laws of physics into effect. He gave every resident the ability to spawn & destroy objects at will, he also created two beings called Lock & Key to guard the universe. In the other universe Steve is a small red Grox from Spore & is called Safebox (comparing himself to Safebox from Cyen).

The edge of Safebox's Universe being gaurded by Lock.


  • Safebox's Mod
  • Safebox (Game)


  • Steve has a PhD & is referred to as Dr Gregg by Safebox.