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Project Community was the inside name for an online multiplayer game that Safebox was secrety working on. The game (which was later known as War of Nations) was officially announced on 17th January at 7:03 am (GMT).

Background Info

War of Nations takes place in the late 60'snear the end of the Cold War, President Johnson has ordered that an elite group of the best & the brightest to defend against a possible attack from the USSR. Homeland Security found five of the top leading war experts in the world (as did the USSR Defence League).


War of Nations is a basic PvP style strategy game that involves players choosing from one of five classes & seperating into two teams (Red & Blue) at either side of the map. There are 5 main gameplay modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-For-All
  • Capture The Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Domination

Each gameplay mode gives the players one minute to choose thier class & inventory output. When the clock reaches zero, the team gates will open & the game will begin. In King of the Hill, the control point will unlock 30 seconds after the game begins, giving both teams an equal opurtunity to clear the point of the opposing team making it easier for them to capture it.



The Resistant

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The Soviet


The Doppelganger


The Nurse

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There are five classes in War of Nations. The Resistant, the Soviet, the Doppelganger, the Nurse & the EITS. Each of these classes have thier own unique abilities, weapons & accessories.

The Resistant

The Resistant is from the quiet suburbs of Italy who previously worked in the pizza industry. He was previously involved in the Italian resistance of WWII & is now the explosives expert of the team. His weapons involve a landmine which he calls "la pizza di grandi dimensioni" (which translates to "the big pizza") & a shotgun which he carries with him at all times. The resistant is the fastest of the team making him difficult to catch.

The Soviet

The Soviet was sent to America in the early 1960's as part of a Soviet operation to cripple it's defences from within. After being captured in 1965 by the US military, President B Lydon makes him a deal that he allowed to live as a communist in the US if he told the US government what he knew about Stalin's plans. He agreed & was allowed to live in the US. He proposed to President Lydon about setting up an elite team of operatives that would gather intelligence & ensure the safety of the United States & it's people. Lydon agreed & left the Soviet in charge of the team. His weapons include a Mauser C96 from when he was in the Soviet Army, a selection of high-yield weaponary (such as a preditor missile & a rocket launcher) & when the game reaches overtime, a nuke to detonate on the enemy.